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About AllenAfol

My Toy Story

Born in the early 1980s in Wales, AllenAfol was lucky enough to experience a lot of the early Lego sets, including some of his favourite Pirate, Forestmen and Classic Space sets. Unfortunately adulthood took hold and the Lego collecting stopped (sad I know!).

Growing Up Made Things Better

Living in Manchester at 30 years old, AllenAfol was given a Lego set by one of his friends. This was when the spark began again and all of the old sets came out of hiding, along with a passion for new sets and minifigs. Before long AllenAfol was born on social media, and now as a Lego seller on Bricklink and Ebay. 

Lego Future

What does the future hold for AllenAfol I hear you ask? Along with sharing builds and mocs with the world, and improving on building techniques to Master Builder level, AllenAfol's aim is to bring high quality parts to the masses, so everyone can enjoy. So check out the links above and get let's build together!

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